Month: January 2008

Take me down

21bTake me down
Gimme the score
Tell me I’m gone
Tell me I’m done
You’ve counted me out
Before the last bell has rung
Tell me I’m goneHere brick by brick
Let’s rebuild this lovely scene
You say blood is thicker boy
But it’s not what these eyes see
The truth is bitter real
Yes it’s a spinning wheel
Round and around and around we go
You know I never really could get into
our conversations
Just merely confrontations
It’s a lovefest, an inspiration

You try to play preacher
And teach me the ways of the world
The path you have taken
The dark road
Was built on the lies that were told

Take me down
Gimme the score tell me I’m gone
Tell me I’m done
You’ve counted me out
before the last bell has rung
Take me down
Deeper and deeper
Right through the heart
Tell me I’m done
All roads are blocked
and there’s no where to run
Tell me I’m gone

You know I’ve been wandering
And dragging this heavy soul
Lord knows
These lessons you’re selling
Soul medicine
Isn’t try to meet ya
On that high plateau
So take the message to the chief
tell him I ain’t coming
This heart’s to proud it can’t be broken
It’s a black tie affair
And guess who’s coming to dinner

You make the words sound so sweet
Let’s pretend that everythings
Gonna be alright. Alright
It took me a second to read ya
Just wasn’t my game fool
Face me when I speak to ya

Take me down…

Search and you’ll define

The sky between the lines I could never tell truth from victim
Escape is a tired line
Knock knock
Sun is creeping laying down the land a smear on the wicked
Now if you’re ready to bleed
Turn your head
From the right follow me
Give chase to my shadows disarmed with a whisper
No gun in my hand whatever happened to honor brother
Fight me man to man – look me in the eye
I got a family a feed
Will I learn from this
What can you teach meIt’s out of control
The times are crazy
We don’t even care who sits on the throne
Doesn’t matter to most of us
Just don’t mess with the status quo
Gas paint my picture everyday
Every stone’s been thrown
Lay siege to my kingdom
My covers blown
You blind dealing with death
Every dollar a headstone
Where the rich get richer
The poor just multiply
That’s smart divide and conquer
I keep em entertained
While your steal their hard-earned mula
Was there ever a time we dreamed of something better?
Sounds real good but you’re telling me to wait for fairer weather

Let it rain
Fire from the sky
Heaven help us (do you truly believe)
Only the strong should survive
With permission I make this my personal mission
Save me from the fire… from the fire

Yes sir yes ma’am I get the picture
We educate the masses who’s gonna be cooking our dinners
Such a waste of time thinking we have to raise our own sons and daughters
When you can pay below the minimum
(shoot that man)
Excuse me but can I follow up that order
But all this talk don’t come cheap
We all know what has to be done
Our very own personal revolution
Revolution revolution revolution
Revolution revolution revolution
Revolution revolution revolution

Now here you come walking into my part of town
Telling people you have such a solution
Quick fix you got a story
Boy meets girl — stop they have kids
Poppa works while Ma raises the ten babies
She’s praying every night that they’ll one day hit the jackpot
9 lucky numbers win the lottery
A million gets me out of this hole
But when the well dries up where do I go
Little Pablo doesn’t even know how to read or write
I’m starving sweet Ana so I can get a good price for her
2 down 8 to go oh wait he’s got good skin tone
got nice smile and accent but kinda smells though
now where do you think you going talking that kind of tank
that doesn’t happen not on my watch no that doesn’t happen
I ask you all to bear witness to the rape of these young souls
Let’s give em a fighting chance and see where this all goes
I ask you all to bear witness to the rape of these young souls
If I don’t do nothing let’s see where this all goes
I ask you all to bear witness to the rape of these young souls
They got front row seats don’t tell me they know
I ask you all to bear witness to the rape of these young souls
They don’t need your donation what about education