Tubig Para Sa Buhay is a Project of The ABS-CBN to Help Protect The La Mesa Dam

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cd_lightpeaceloveThe drinking water of metro manila comes from the La Mesa Dam. The dam is now in danger of being contaminated. A proposed housing site which is 24 meters above the water level poses a serious threat to 12 million people. Based on a scientific study, garbage, pesticides and wastes from leaking septic tanks can flow directly into the dam. The pollutants can be carried by floods or can seep through the ground.

According to the World Health Organization, 3.4 million people die around the world each year because of lack of access to clean drinking water. It is the worlds #1 cause of disease & death.

One water. Tinig para sa tubig is a bantay kalikasan campaign to protect la mesa dam. We have reached almost half of our target signatures to date more than 2 million people have signed. The petition to make la mesa dam a protected area. This would not only help save the remaining reservoir in metro manila but also the lives of 12 million metro manila residents.

In line with this project Bamboo performed at the ARANETA COLISEUM last September 12,2006 and donated their talent fee to help save the LA MESA DAM. The Band will also perform on the next concert for LA MESA DAM sometime in November of 2006.

Bamboo and its management has given its full support to ABS-CBN by participating in the drive to help save the LA MESA DAM. Bamboo has urged its followers and believers to support the cause in saving the LA MESA DAM.

The Band and its management will have forms for signature ready during their concert for people who are interested to help save the LA MESA DAM project.

For more information on this project please log on to: www.lamesaecopark.com

Please we need your help to save LA MESA DAM.

Text LM<space>PROTECT<space>NAME<comma>
ADDRESS and send to 231 for SMART, TALK ‘N TEXT and Addict Mobile subscribers and 2366 for other networks.