Bands on the Run

Bamboo. This band has definitely revived Pinoy rock. They became an instant hit since most of the members came from renowned bands—Bamboo Mañalac and Nathan Azarcon from Rivermaya, Ira Cruz and Vic Mercado from Passage. Their first single “Noypi,” has become the new anthem of the youth. It was followed by hits like “Mr. Clay,” “Masaya,” “As the Music Plays the Band,” and “Sunshine,” among other hits. Their latest album Light, Peace, Love may fall short compared to their debut album, but Bamboo still is the most famous rock band in the country today.
courtesy of Manila Standard Today

nstage at the MTV Pilipinas
By Yael Yuzon, Contributor
Inquirer News Service Overwhelming anxiety drove me out of bed far easier than on most days, and with good reason. We were going to perform on MTV for the first time, and our shot at immortality rested on it. Although our job was merely to provide entertainment for the early birds, nervousness somehow found its way into my system.
Wake up to one good day with Bamboo
In recent years, no other band has made such an impact on the local music scene, and such an impression among today?s youth than Bamboo. The union of Bamboo Ma??c on vocals, Ira Cruz on guitar, Nathan Azarcon on bass, and Vic Mercado on drums made for a unique sound encapsulated on the album “As The Music Plays,” both a critical and commercial success.